At Trouvai we want you to look and feel fantastic in your bra!

A well fitted Bra can change your posture, increase your confidence, reduce back and shoulder pains and will have you looking fabulous in your clothes.

Slay those looks and start with the right underwear!


How should a well fitted bra look?

See a BEFORE and AFTER image below. 



Use our BRA SIZE CALCULATOR to find your perfect size. Your personal comfort is the most important factor when determining the right bra size. 


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Good bra fit checklist:

  1. Begin with your usual bra size, put on your best fitting bra, take a look in the mirror from all angles and assess how good or bad the fit is.
  2. Underband – Always work out the correct band size first. The underband should be firm, but not too tight, and level all around the body [Tip – check side and back view in a mirror]. You should be able to fit two fingers under the band comfortably.
  3. Cups – Secondly find your correct cup size. When the cup size is correct your breasts should be fully enclosed within the cups, without bulging at either the neck edge or underarm, a fold in the breast tissue at the underarm or the cups being loose* 
  4. Wires – should be sitting onto flat the chest wall and ribcage, and not lying on any breast tissue.
  5. Straps – adjust the straps so that you feel both comfortable and they are providing some support to the cups.